Expert Author Barry J Bridges

In a very rational sense, it would seem as though weight loss would be an easy thing to accomplish. After all (or so it seems), if you simply eat less than you have been eating and exercise a little bit more, you will be able to lose weight. But if you look at how complicated so many of the different weight loss programs are, you will see that these programs disagree with this assumption - and for good reason, as most people who have used this assumption as the basis for their weight loss efforts have discovered that weight loss truly is far more complicated than "eating a little bit less and exercising a little bit more." In fact, when you look at things more closely, it can actually be better to eat more - and to exercise less!

Your diet and your exercise will both be important aspects of your weight loss efforts - but your diet will contribute much more than your exercise to your end result. And when it comes to "diet," there is a lot more you will need to do than simply "eating less."

See, there are a lot of foods that contribute to weight gain, and there are a lot of other foods that contribute to weight loss. Therefore, even if you decrease your portions of the "weight gain" foods, you will still, slowly gain weight; on the other hand, if you eat foods that contribute to weight loss - regardless of whether you are eating large portions or small portions - you will put your body in a position where it is more likely to shed those pesky, extra pounds.

Furthermore, lots of exercise is good - but when you exercise too much, your body will have strong cravings for the sorts of foods you should actually be avoiding. And even though most people think they are strong enough to simply hold off on consuming such foods, this is rarely the case - which means that excessive exercise hurts more than it helps, as it leads you to eat the wrong foods! On the other hand, light exercise on a consistent basis will help your body to burn fat and stay healthy, while also helping you to continue eating the foods you should eat.

In all, exercise and diet are both important - but most important of all is that you understand the nuances of each so that you can eat the right diet, and can exercise the right way!



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